Why Dromedary Leathers Exists

About US

Who We Are

A team of enthusiasts unified by a single ambition to produce the finest quality camel leather products, with integrated cutting-edge technologies.

Dromedary Leathers is an adventure: an amalgamation of cultures; an exploration into the highest-grade camel leather; a dedication to producing top-quality products that not only stand up to the rigors and practical demands of 21st century living, but also showcase the unique style of an elegant, highly-prized material.

On the surface, we are an American, two Qatari’s, a Sri Lankan and a Brit. In our hearts, we are a unit with a commitment to a cause: to deliver products of unrivalled quality made with an unerring attention to detail.

We are design-led. We test each and every concept first-hand. Then – and only then – do we share our creations in the knowledge they meet the demands of our culturally diverse lifestyles.

Our guarantee: the finest, most practical, camel leather products to match the style of the modern man.

Transparency – honesty – quality – customer involvement – Lifestyle

Our mission is to build an infrastructure so that local product specialists can serve a global community from our Qatari base. Every day we strive to add momentum to this cause through creating the supporting network that will stimulate new opportunities.

How do we achieve this? Through sticking to the three principles of our vision.


Everything we do, we do with maximum integrity. We treat everyone with the same unwavering respect – from our suppliers to our customers and beyond.


When you are open, honest and work with the best – a premium product is the result. This enduring quality is foundational to Dromedary Leathers.


The best businesses have nothing to hide. We exclusively source the top grades of camel leather. We enhance the material with artisan elements. We broadcast the entire process live from our workshop.

We evolved our mission around a lifestyle focused on customer involvement. We hope our community of innovators will spur economic prosperity for many years to come.

Leather Craftsman

20+ years in artisan leather production, here is a tradesman who understands his craft: an expert in patterns and product customization, Mohamed injects authenticity into every finished piece.

Senior Machinist

A life-long craftsman, he has worked with leather for over 16 years, manufacturing at scale as well as creating high-end custom products for bespoke projects.

Partner - Social Media Director

Graduated from Huddersfield University with a degree in Transportation Design; Shabaz has experience across many sectors, focusing on graphics, transportation, and interior design.

Partner - Managing Director

A Qatari entrepreneur with a background in engineering, technology, and management; Abdulla invests in businesses worldwide with interests in Qatar, Oman, the UK and Canada.


A creator at heart: whether a business, a product or a twist on an existing design – Matthew knows no greater joy than working on something new.

How Humble Beginnings Morphed Into Product Innovation

“Travel-weary, wrinkled shirt in hand – and not an iron in sight. No iron in a hotel!?! Enough was enough. I needed better.

This was me, four years ago.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. The dawn of a decision to bring luggage out of the dark ages. Perhaps even into the 21st century.

For many, life is a tale of airports. Of jetting between meetings. Of pack–unpack–pack–unpack. For any three-day trip, my backpack was my trusted companion. Avoiding baggage fees, skipping queues and dodging through metropolises. I could fit in all that I needed while breezing through any busy terminal.

Life was so easy, until, I reached the hotel… Clothes would be wrinkled, iron nowhere to be found.

Laundry is never on anyone’s to-do list when traveling – least of all pre-business meeting or early-morning engagement. Plus, I’m not sure the backpack quite matched the poise of my tailored suit. My clothes reflected professionalism, my luggage suggested otherwise.

I tried other options.

The wheeled carry-on bag – big, bumpy, noisy, tips, knocks things over (people, furniture, animals, you name it) and still – wrinkled clothes. No thanks. The suit bag – too big, no carry-on, no thanks. The duffle bag – seemed great, still wrinkled…

I searched for months. My quest returned precisely – nothing.

Only one option was left – a second bag for business trips? Surely not. But that was my reality.

So, my vision became clear. I needed to create my own travel bag. One that showcased comfort, durability, allowed compartmentalization (business-personal) while not creasing my clothes. Oh, and last of all, it had to be genuinely stylish.

My ambition: The perfect bag.

A bag that represented a progressive approach to product design, prioritizing utility and practicality while in no way compromising on style or quality. I committed to two years conceptualization: interviews with family, friends, and strangers; intense study of market solutions from materials to techniques to end-products; then design iteration and refinement.

And I was struck by the passion hidden within these conversations. Not only was there surging demand for the perfect carry-on bag, but desires also stretched much deeper. Casual chats with friends led to concepts for a hip bag; beers with biker buddies evolved into a need for custom-designed gloves.

Heck – anyone I asked lamented the lack of excellent quality leather products. Ones that genuinely served their needs.

The result – Dromedary Leathers.

Recognizing the scale of my challenge, I gathered a team of equally ambitious friends to bring life to the designs, to work them into prototypes and, finally, to establish this business as a going concern.

Dromedary Leathers is the realization of two years’ non-stop graft – and my team and I are ecstatic to finally share our creations with the world.

We believe these products could revolutionize the way you travel. The way you live. The way you appreciate leather.

Yet, we feel we have only just begun.”

Inspiring Dromedary Leathers’ Creativity

There is no way we could have achieved what we have without the love and support of a few special people, and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of these unique individuals and teams.

Heartfelt thanks go out to those below – without you, we would never have got off the ground.