Top-Grade Camel Leather


Our products use 100%, unadulterated camel leather; nothing added, nothing taken away. Our stitching is braided polyester – a super-premium, incredibly hard-wearing thread whose primary usage is in sails on boats; it simply does not break. As a finishing touch, we integrate cutting-edge hardware to create forward-thinking products we guarantee will last a lifetime – the D.L. Warranty, as we like to call it.

We are equally happy adding little extras to make your purchase unique to you. Your product should be distinct – personal – whether laser engraved or with a modified finish.

Please, make the product your own.

Customised Items

We all desire that one item we just can’t find in the shops. The bag to simplify our life; the gloves that need no adjustment; the single-notched belt that just – fits. Whatever it is, feel free to get in touch, and we’ll work with you to design your perfect product. It CAN be achieved.

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